Online Resource Library

Welcome to the Province of St. Albert the Great Resource Library.

Nearly 800 years of Dominican history have created an enormous treasury of spiritual, theological and historical resources. These pages collect some of those. Here you will find books, articles, illustrations, homilies, You Tube presentations, and links that will help you explore what “Dominican” has meant through the ages.

Part and parcel to its very nature, this collection will be permanently “Under Construction.” Such is the life of the words and works of Dominicans. Friars have been compelled to contemplate, and then share the fruits of that contemplation with others, from the very founding of the Order of Preachers. What is compiled in this library represents recent and ancient works.

Check back often. We will add the latest words of the Friars of the Province of St. Albert the Great as they become available. We will also add those older pieces of which you are familiar as well when we come upon them.

We are honored to be of service.